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February 2016 Car of the Month

Check out this beautiful blue 2002 GMMG COPO Camaro! It came with a 600 horsepower, C5R Corvette Race Motor. It was released only for this project from GM as a tribute to Vince Piggins and Fred Gibb who are the ‘Fathers’ of the original COPO Camaro. A total of 69 cars were produced, thirty of which had the C5R motor. Making this car even more rare is the fact it is one of only two produced with an automatic transmission. Fun Fact: The number of cars produced (69) is also a tribute to the original 69 ZL1 COPO.

2002 GMMG COPO IMG_0676 IMG_0677 IMG_0678 IMG_0679




January 2016 Car of the Month

What your looking at here is a stock configuration of a Jeepster and Muscle Car City’s idea of what it should look like today! The white top is a stock height 1950 while the black top has a 396/400hp big block Chevy, overdrive transmission, dual GM power lock differentials, and 3500/10-15 wheels and tires They were build as two wheel drive beach cruisers with 4 cylinder flathead motors. They were not built as 4×4 but MCC thinks they missed the mark and built one!





MCC goes to Puerto Rico

Add a country song and a host from Puerto Rico and guess what you get? A virtual tour of Muscle Car City in Punta Gorda, Florida!

Thanks to host Luis Mariano for taking Muscle Car City all the way to Puerto Rico! Host and crew were awesome.



MCC on You Tube Corvettes 427/400 (part 2)

This episode talks about the Corvette and horsepower. Hear the roar of the engine of one of the Muscle Car City Museum’s Corvettes. The Corvette featured is a 427 with AC and a whopping 400 hp. Check out 0:11 minutes, 1:20, 3:37, and 5:09 minutes for some cool car action and Rick’s interview.



MCC’s 2014 Corvette on You Tube (part 4)

Check out the new 2014 Corvette on You Tube. Carl and Rick discuss the changes of one of the coolest cars on the market today! Check out video at 2:42 and 3:40 minutes to see MCC and Treworgy’s interview! Stop in Muscle Car City and see the museum’s new 2014 Corvette in Torch red! This color dates back to 1993 but wait until you see Rick’s 2014 Corvette. After an extra wet sand and buff you can use this car as a mirror. Hey, Chevy-how come you don’t make them shine like Treworgy!