Rick’s Autobiography

Grand Opening of Muscle Car Museum

Grand Opening of Muscle Car Museum

The Man behind the Muscle                                                    

As a child, cars played a big part of Rick Treworgy’s life. Models, pedal cars, any toy with 4 wheels inspired him. Once he was old enough, Rick began collecting GM cars, Chevys in particular.

After nearly 40 years of turning that dream into a reality and stockpiling well over 200 vintage ’50s to early ’70’s muscle cars, he decided to turn this amazing collection into Muscle Car City.

As soon as he was old enough to ride a bike, a motor was his next thought. He legally started driving in 1965 at age 16; a great time for a muscle car guy! Rick, like most kids, started with 10 year old cars, but hey – ’55 through ’57 Chevys weren’t too shabby.

At first his interest in old cars was purely economic, (they were all he could afford), but as time passed he found a certain charm in those old cars. He bought, sold and restored these cars, and this was how he kept his hobby alive.

Three Generations of Treworgys Rick with daughter, April, and grandson Zachary Richard (aka ZR1)

Three Generations of Treworgys
Rick with daughter, April, and grandson Zachary Richard (aka ZR1)


Rick bought an abandoned store from the biggest retailer in the world, Wal-Mart, and now he’s ready to share his world-class collection with the rest of us. This has become one of the largest GM muscle car collections in the nation.

Rick has kept the entire collection in pristine running condition. That’s quite a feat considering the classic cars and hot rods span 80 years of makes and models! Rick learned that almost anyone can have a nice new car; however it takes someone who really cares to have a nice old car.

Muscle Car City is enjoyed by many each year but Rick’s real dream is to leave a legacy for future Treworgy generations.

“Keeping the museum alive even after I am gone provides future youths the opportunity to see and touch true muscle cars. And maybe inspire them to collect a few of their own.” Rick is always expanding his collection so return customers are never bored.