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Biking For Boobies!

Day 4 of 75 days riding for Biking for Boobies landed Mike and Nate at Muscle Car City for a little promotion and R&R.

IMG_8415 IMG_8419

This cycling duo is on a campaign ride for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Mike and Nate will travel a total of 3700 miles and raise $37,000.00 for their charity. They began in Boca Raton, Florida and will end in Los Angeles, CA. They hope to arrive at the set of Ellen DeGeneres and be invited on the show (we hope so too since Rick watches her every afternoon).  

Last year, Mike and Nate made a 55 day trip from the Florida Keys to Toronto for the Wounded Warrior Project. The two cyclists are shown here in their “Shout Out” suits. Nate and Mike work for Green Mann Advertising out of Boca Raton. These suits are another way of fundraising. One suit is covered in company logos from businesses that have donated to the cause. ANother suit hold loving sentiments from family and friends at $1.00 per word. There are a total of 9 suits so far.

If you would care to donate to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation please go to You can share their experience through photos and blogs as well.

Thanks Mike and Nate for stopping at MCC and reminding us the fight against cancer is still going on!

August 2013 Car of the Month

1935 Cadillac IMG_8095 IMG_8096 IMG_8097 IMG_8098 IMG_8100


This celery green 1935 Cadillac was modernized for today’s comfort and efficiency without spoiling the beauty of it’s former days. Under the hood of this Caddy lies 500 cubic inches and 400 hp auto-transmission. Inside it’s interior has been redone with full grain leather in a velvety cream color. It has 6 way power seats, stereo system, and brand new AC. One of Ricks favorite, it gets a lot of attention from our visitors and is the number one photographed car in the collection.

Shiny new Texaco fuel truck

 tanker2 tanker3 tanker4tanker1

Rick took a 1 ton 1926 Chevy truck and converted it into a Texaco fuel truck.  It is all original even down to the wood wheels. It’s a 3 speed, 4 cylinder little mover. The tank came from a 1925 fuel truck needing extensive restorations. Rick didn’t feel like waiting to have a fully assembled fuel truck so he swapped out the tank and will probably restore the 25′ sometime next year.

Muscle Car City appeared in MSN’s episode of Mantiques

Muscle Car City Museum cars appeared in one of MSN’s episodes called Mantiques this week. It’s a mini documentary on classic cars.

For more episodes of Mantiques, please click here.

Michael Brown and Hooked On Vettes visits Muscle Car City

Muscle Car City is pleased to share a video produced by Michael Brown with Hooked On Vettes of his visit to Muscle Car City. Michael Brown is also the producer and writer of The Quest, a feature-length 84 minute documentary film.


Suburban Restoration

Suburban beginning it’s transformation.

Suburban receiving a modern heartbeat in the form of a LS-6!

MCC Breakfast Club Kick-Off

Kick off breakfast club was this Saturday (November 24th)! Join Rick for some chow and share your stories. Rick wants the club to meet monthly. Each month a member’s car will be chosen and brought into the lobby for display. And the owner gets to share something interesting about it. This month Rick will display his newly rehauled suburban cameo (put an LS6 405 hp in it) to get the ball rolling but after this he wants YOU!
MCC’s Breakfast Club kick-off was awesome. Everyone received a few goodies and entrance to museum as a special gift for being the first to participate! Next club meeting will be Saturday, December 29th at 9 am. Tom Haag will showcase his car for being the first to arrive this morning! Here’s a sneak preview:

MCC Car Show

Cool breezes, cool cars, and good times await at the monthly car show today!

Rick Treworgy’s Muscle Car City

Enjoy this video footage provided to Muscle Car City courtesty of our friends at For the full episode “Venture out in Punta Gorda, please click here.


Video footage courtesy

Muscle Car City TV Commercial

Have a look at Muscle Car City’s television commercial. Take a look around our website and make plans to visit us in beautiful Punta Gorda, FL. It’s worth the drive!