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MCC Fan Video

Check out what a fan produced after his visit to MCC! Love the music!



MCC goes to Puerto Rico

Add a country song and a host from Puerto Rico and guess what you get? A virtual tour of Muscle Car City in Punta Gorda, Florida!

Thanks to host Luis Mariano for taking Muscle Car City all the way to Puerto Rico! Host and crew were awesome.



MCC on You Tube Museum Details (part 1)

This series consists of 9 episodes hosted by Carl-Ingemar Perstad and produced in three languages for the Europian market. Interviews with Rick Treowrgy from Muscle Car City in Punta Gorda, Florida are in English. In this episode find out which car is Rick’s favorite and visit the museum virtually. Check out 0:15 and 6:00 minutes. Future episodes will show Rick driving some of his favorites including the new 2014 Corvette!



MCC on You Tube Corvettes 427/400 (part 2)

This episode talks about the Corvette and horsepower. Hear the roar of the engine of one of the Muscle Car City Museum’s Corvettes. The Corvette featured is a 427 with AC and a whopping 400 hp. Check out 0:11 minutes, 1:20, 3:37, and 5:09 minutes for some cool car action and Rick’s interview.



MCC on You Tube Z28 Rally Sport (part 3)

Part 3 of the You Tube Series discusses the Z28 Rally Sport. See the Muscle Car City Museum’s 1970 1/2 Z28 Rally Sport in black with white Rally stripes and a black interior. Watch 0:14, 2:53, and 6:30 minutes for MCC’s Z28 and Rick Treworgys interview.





MCC’s 2014 Corvette on You Tube (part 4)

Check out the new 2014 Corvette on You Tube. Carl and Rick discuss the changes of one of the coolest cars on the market today! Check out video at 2:42 and 3:40 minutes to see MCC and Treworgy’s interview! Stop in Muscle Car City and see the museum’s new 2014 Corvette in Torch red! This color dates back to 1993 but wait until you see Rick’s 2014 Corvette. After an extra wet sand and buff you can use this car as a mirror. Hey, Chevy-how come you don’t make them shine like Treworgy!



Muscle Car City on NBC “What Exactly Is Horsepower?”

Chad Oliver, newsperson for NBC addresses the question “What exactly is horsepower? ” sent in from a viewer. To bring the answer to life he stopped into Muscle Car City for a look at the massive amount of raw horsepower in Rick Treworgy’s collection of muscle cars. WBBH News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral

MCC to Appear in You Tube Series

MCC will be featured in a series of 10 You Tube documentaries on American Muscle Cars. Production took place inside the museum last week. The first three episodes were filmed and will contain footage of Rick driving two of his favorite cars and live interviews.


1967 Impala SS

At times, Muscle Car City likes to give a shout out to previous owners of our beloved cars. This awesome maroon 1967 Impala SS was  previously owned by Jon Schwitters of Towanda, Illinios.

67Impala1 67Impala2 67Impala3 67Impala4

This 67′ has a 427 with 385 hp and a 4 speed. A special grill sits in the middle of the hood which only came on the 427s. It has bucket seats, a console upgrade, and, of course, the 427 striping package! Jon, here’s a big thank you for wanting to sell! We are proud to own this amazing automobile!

Biking For Boobies!

Day 4 of 75 days riding for Biking for Boobies landed Mike and Nate at Muscle Car City for a little promotion and R&R.

IMG_8415 IMG_8419

This cycling duo is on a campaign ride for The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Mike and Nate will travel a total of 3700 miles and raise $37,000.00 for their charity. They began in Boca Raton, Florida and will end in Los Angeles, CA. They hope to arrive at the set of Ellen DeGeneres and be invited on the show (we hope so too since Rick watches her every afternoon).  

Last year, Mike and Nate made a 55 day trip from the Florida Keys to Toronto for the Wounded Warrior Project. The two cyclists are shown here in their “Shout Out” suits. Nate and Mike work for Green Mann Advertising out of Boca Raton. These suits are another way of fundraising. One suit is covered in company logos from businesses that have donated to the cause. ANother suit hold loving sentiments from family and friends at $1.00 per word. There are a total of 9 suits so far.

If you would care to donate to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation please go to You can share their experience through photos and blogs as well.

Thanks Mike and Nate for stopping at MCC and reminding us the fight against cancer is still going on!